Diversity and Culture

The workshop has multiple objectives:

  • Creating an understanding of how our brain deals with differences.
  • Providing a perspective on what’s at stake when an organization is trying to create a shared work culture in diversity.
  • Normalizing human reactions and challenges in the collaboration between individuals and groups with different cultural characteristics.
  • Creating a better understanding of how to manage diversified organizations to build a common work culture.

During 2023 we only do the workshop internally in organizations.

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Workshop leaders

Lars-Johan Bastås and Eva Hamboldt

Join our seminar about diversity in the workplace

This spring we invite you to a seminar based on the theories from this workshop. For 2,5 hours we lecture on and reflect about the opportunities and challenges that arise, when two or more groups with differing cultures come together. We link theory to practice and give you concrete strategies to bring back to your organization.

We offer the seminar in both English and Swedish, and you can choose to join on site or online.

The workshop focuses on seven areas of diversity and culture:

1. How our brain processes similarities and differences, which organizational principles it follows to create meaning and mobilize certain behaviors when interacting with other people.

2. The root cause of our brain resorting to experiencing “Us vs. Them”, and what neural processes that govern this phenomenon.

3. Our brain’s tendency for biased thinking (mental shortcuts) and the consequences it has when working with inclusion.

4. The clash between different reflex behaviors when cultures meet – how we try to protect and preserve our own culture, while trying to allow and include the other culture.

5. How to handle the phenomenon of a dominating group, and the others, to enable functional and effective collaboration between units, departments or within an entire organization.

6. Strategies for how to think and act when trying to build an inclusive culture based on mutual trust and the experience of a “greater us”.

7. Nine reflection questions and hands-on strategies to build an inclusive culture in a diverse group of people.

Övriga utbildningar och workshops

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